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Solar Camera Dome 2.5" wifi & 4G

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Solar Power Smart Traffic Camera

The solar smart traffic camera is ideal for installation on roads without any city power.

solar camera smart motion detection on vehicle & person on modern transportation. All-in-one integrated design (trigger detection, behavior analysis & information recognition)

TR SOLAR solar power security camera is smart, easy to install and self-sufficient. Place it anywhere on your property – no power supply needed.

Wifi /4G transmission module included – No cables required for connection
ECO-FRIENDLY: the camera is powered by solar/wind power, fit in with the local landscape
Affordable: the durable and reliable lighting structure reduces maintenance costs
Safe: An independent system ensures operation in case of emergency

This intelligent system takes property monitoring to the next level. 
It supports WiFi, 4G. It is possible to access the video live stream and audio any time from anywhere. It includes motion detection, SMS control extensions and an independent system to ensure night/day vision.


1. Geological and forestry monitoring of falling rocks, floods, fires, lakes, forests, reservoirs

2. The construction site monitors the progress of valuable equipment and work;

3. Oil and gas pipeline monitoring;

4. Power station and transformer station monitoring

5. GSM and CDMA base station supervision;

6. Urban scenery scenic spots, tourist scenic spots, nature reserves, wild animal protection parks

7. Traffic monitoring, etc.

The solar power storage system uses a strictly selected single-crystal silicon high-efficiency solar panel with suitable power, a vertical wind energy generator with low wind speed, a nano material colloidal energy storage battery, and a PWM power management device specially designed for power supply management of the monitoring system. To make the system power storage and power supply support to an optimal level. The design life of the entire power supply system is more than 5 years. The solar energy power supply system includes: solar panels, wind power generators, brackets, installation poles, solar wind power control systems, high-power batteries and direct-buried battery boxes.