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About US

TR SOLAR was founded in 2006 , which is committed in the designing, manufacturing and sales of photovoltaic solar modules, DIY solar kits and accessories, Outdoor and Charger, Off-grid solar systems and Rural Electrification, Solar Street lights & Solar garden lights Electronics and other applications throughout the world.

We have an integrated and advanced factory with modern and automatic equipment and facilities.

TR SOLAR passed and strictly enforces the requirements of ISO9001 Quality management system to promote all products through CE, RoHs and other international safety certification.

TR SOLAR will always persist “Sincere Cooperation, Continuous Innovation and Future-challenging" to provide high quality products and good services for all our customers, and to stick to social returns and social responsibility, most importantly the green, eco-friendly earth for future generations.

The Value of TR SOLAR For Consumable Energies, is the best promised to our worldwide customers.

The Consumable-oriented applications of the solar energy drive power continuously increasing, those changes will become the leader in the PV and renewable energies in the world.

Based on the center of the worldwide solar industry productions and the technology development, TR SOLAR will provide the quality consumer-oriented products, consumable price, distributing and promotional in the world for our honorable customers., transfer the real vale and bring the qualified consumable on- or off-grid solar kits, solar PV and accessories for the applications of RV/Marine, Vehicle, Rural Electrification, Electronics and Technology etc.

As the sayings goes, the solar is not always solar, where others stand still, TR SOLAR Takes the steps forward in the future, Research &Development the quality and consumable price goods and parts to welfare the worldwide people.

Our products must match to what we said, what we measure to the world famous standard, like TUV,IEC,CE etc, for our customers, quality and price are made by Solarparts.

Your value to pay for what need for a long term earned, that is the TR SOLAR commitments to our customer value.