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Prior to installing the Micro inverters, Please verify that the utility voltage at the point of common grid connection matches the voltage rating on the Micro inverter label.

Step 1 - Attaching the Micro inverters to the Racking. a. Mark the location of the Micro inverter on the rack, with respect to the PV module junction box or any other obstructions.b. Mount one Micro inverter at each of these locations using hardware recommended by your module racking vendor.

Step 2- Connecting the Micro inverter AC cable and connection to AC bus cable(L-BROWN,N-BLUE,GGREEN&YELLOW) one by one, Please do NOT exceed the Maximum current of AC bus cable .

Step 3- Connecting Micro inverters to the PV Module,Please do NOT exceed PV panel(s) VOC over inverter max. input voltage.

Step 4 - Install the AC Branch Circuit Junction Box,Wire the conductors of the AC bus cable. Connect the AC branch circuit junction box to the point of utility-grid Interconnection.

Step 5 - Double check all Micro inverters, connectors and cables are correctly and well connected.

Step 6 - Turn ON the AC circuit breaker on each AC branch circuit of Micro inverter .

Step 7 - Turn ON the main AC circuit breaker of utility-grid. Your system will start producing power after a 30sec safety delay period.

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