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All-in-one Wireless 2.0MP 1080P IP wifi / 4G Solar Powered Security Camera

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Wireless solar powered security camera

Solar Camera PPT 

Parking facilities are one of the most frequent places that violent crimes occur in many countries. Both parking lots and parking garages present target-rich environments for criminals seeking to commit robbery, theft, and even assault. This is one of the primary reasons that many companies with adjacent parking services opt to have surveillance equipment installed in their parking areas, among other safety measures. If you’re one of the thousands of security integrators who these companies turn to for that installation, that should be great news! Solar camera in privately owned parking lots are one of the easiest places to integrate security cameras and wireless equipment!

TR SOLAR new product 2.0MP 1080P IP wifi / 4G solar camera with Cloud Storage Build-in SD Card with Sunpower Solar Panel high efficiency above 22%

Main Function:

1. 2.0MP, 1080P Color Images & Video Monitor on Day/Night Time;
2. Two mounting way, wall mount & pole mount, outdoor & indoor.
3. Remote & Motion-activated lighting
4. Cloud Storage & Build-in SD Card, SD Card Max 64GB
5. Advanced Motion Detection to capture images& video
6. Free App, Send message in real-time
7. Camera and lighting integration, monitoring lighting both
8. Solar power, No wire needed, No power supply needed.

ECO-FRIENDLY: the camera is powered by solar/wind power, fit in with the local landscape
Affordable: the durable and reliable lighting structure reduces maintenance costs
Safe: An independent system ensures operation in case of emergency

This intelligent system takes property monitoring to the next level. 
It supports WiFi, 4G. It is possible to access the video live stream and audio any time from anywhere. It includes motion detection, SMS control extensions and an independent system to ensure night/day vision.

1. Geological and forestry monitoring of falling rocks, floods, fires, lakes, forests, reservoirs
2. The construction site monitors the progress of valuable equipment and work;
3. Oil and gas pipeline monitoring;
4. Power station and transformer station monitoring
5. GSM and CDMA base station supervision;
6. Urban scenery scenic spots, tourist scenic spots, nature reserves, wild animal protection parks
7. Traffic monitoring, etc.