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PV products can be applied to many fields such as the automatic monitoring, power monitoring, hydrological and water quality monitoring, communications, pipeline metering and pipeline cathodic protection, rural power facilities, video monitoring, lighting system (street lighting, traffic lights, garden lights, AIDS to navigation lights, tunnel lights ), building integrated photovoltaic, photovoltaic roof, household power system, industrial supporting.


1) 50Kw PV On-Gird Project in Yanchi High School :

The 50Kw shed PV On-grid project in Yanchi county consists of 256 pcs of 195W module and a grid-connected inverter with capacity of 50Kw. The project was installed in July, 2011.


2)  3MW PV Rooftop Project in Yongkang Village Zhongwei City

This project is a PV roof pilot project of Ningxia rural area, located in Yongkang town, Zhongwei City with total capacity of 3 MW, the total investment was 64.7 million Chinese Yuan. 3MW of solar modules were distributed more than 930 houses, 3kw for each house, connected with the rural grid of Zhongwei city, the annual power generation is about 4 million kwh.

The project was one of the “first solar PV construction application demonstration projects” determinated by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Urban and Construction.


3) The first Solar PV On-Grid Power Station in Yongzhou, Hunan

The PV On-grid power station on the roof of administration center in Dong’an county, Yongzhou city, Hunan province, the total capacity is 330kw. This project was one of the State Golden Sun projects, and it’s also the first solar PV station in Yongzhou, Hunan, it was completed in February, 2011.

The completion of this project was a symbol that our company has made a new step on the “Golden Sun” demonstrative projects.


4) 50MW Solar Power Plant In Hongsipu

This project was invested by our group company, it is located in the Hongsipu in Ningxia, the total investment is 1 billion Chinese Yuan, the project occupies an area of 300 hectares, the total capacity is 50 MW, the annual power generation is about 80 million kwh. It was completed in December, 2011.

5) On-Grid Solar Power Plant In Gaoshawo 

The designed capacity of Gaoshawo PV On-grid power plant was 150MW. The first phase will be 20MW, occupies an area of 45 hectares with total investment of 0.48 billion Chinese Yuan. The first phase of this project has been completed in July, 2011. As the time schedule, the whole project would be completed in 2014.

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