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Solar Mounting System

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1. Zn-Al-Mg Coating STEEL Mounting Systems
Mounting solution for normal and corrosive environment with flat and sloped ground.


New Material, High Anti-Corrosive
Zn-Al-Mg coating Steel is a new material which has the high anti-
corrosive performance.

Good Self-Recovery Performance
The self-recovery factor can reduce the maintenance cost after installation.

Good Performance&Competitive Price

Design Customization
The design is customized based on client's requirements.

2. Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Ground Mounting System
Ground Mounting Solution for flat and sloped ground which is suitable for large scale solar projects.

Hot-dip galvanized steel ground mounting, the main body adopts carbon steel design, and the surface treatment is 85μm, which protect the mounting from corrosion and can be used for a long time in outdoor environments.


Adopt Q235B carbon steel, high strength performance.

Surface treatment:Hot-dip galvanized, protect mounting from corrosion.

Competitive price, which is suitable for large scale solar project.

3. Aluminum Ground Mounting System
Mounting solution for normal and high-corrosive environment with flat and sloped ground.

Aluminum Ground Mounting System is a traditional and popular solution which is suitable for high anti-corrosion situations.

High Anti-Corrosion
Aluminum material is high anti-corrosive and high self-recovery.

High Pre-Assembly
Beam and legs are pre-assembled in factory which can reduce the installation and manual cost.

After 25 years usage, aluminum is ok to be recycled.

Suitable for Flat Ground and Mountains
The design can be adjusted based on the mountain angle and situations.

4. BIPV Carpark Mounting System
BIPV Carpark Mounting System is a new and waterproof carpark solution which has the good performance in waterproof function.

Structural waterproof which improve the waterproof performance.
Make the design based on the site to use the area reasonably.
Different types to satisfy client's requirements.
Stable and strong which can withstand the high wind speed and snow load.

5.Farmland Mounting Sytem
Mounting Solution for agriculture and related situations.
Farmland mounting system is a solution that combine the agriculture and solar pv system.

Combine Agriculture and Solar System It doesn't influence the agriculture work.
Suitable for Areas with Scarce Land Resources
Can be customized based on the project real situations.

6. Roof Mounting System
Mounting solution for Commercial&Industry, Residential Roofs.
Roof Mounting Systems is a mounting solution suitable for different types of roofs.

Different types mounting solutions which can meet the usage requirements of the roofs.
Convenient Design and Installation.
High Anti- Corrosion