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High Efficiency PV Modules



The monofacial high efficiency PV modules manufactured by
TR Solar incorporates a complete range of 210mm, 182mm and 166mm options to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Technical Features
Better current collecting; improved ability to prevent the risk of broken finger grids and microcracks

Non-destructive cutting
Non-destructive cutting can improve the mechanical strength of cells, limit the risk of invisible fissures and enhance module reliability.

PERC wafers

Better temperature coefficient and weak light performance, lower degradation rate Anti-hotspot
When hot spots occur, the hot spot temperature of a half-cut module is 10-20℃ lower compared to a normal module in the same environment and application scenario.

Low working temperature
Current running through the module is halved as the module uses half-cut cells, the lower cell energy consumption helping to reduce operating temperature.

Not affected by shading
When the lower half of a half-cut module is shaded by horizontal PV arrays, power generated by the upper half will not be affected.

Adaptable to high temperatures and irradiation levels
In high temperature and high irradiation environments, the output of a half-cut module is higher.