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Outdoor Remote Solar Power 4G Wireless IP Security Smart HD Camera Bullet Style

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Solar Power 4G Wireless IP Security Smart HD Datasheet 

Solar Camera PPT

TR SOLAR solar power security camera is smart, easy to install and self-sufficient. Place it anywhere on your property – no power supply needed, we choose SUNPOWER high efficiency 22% solar panels.

Wifi /4G transmission module included – No cables required for connection
ECO-FRIENDLY: the camera is powered by solar/wind power, fit in with the local landscape
Affordable: the durable and reliable lighting structure reduces maintenance costs
Safe: An independent system ensures operation in case of emergency

This intelligent system takes property monitoring to the next level. 
It supports WiFi, 4G. It is possible to access the video live stream and audio any time from anywhere. It includes motion detection, SMS control extensions and an independent system to ensure night/day vision.


Build-in WIFI 802.11b/g/n; support 4G sim card;
HD Lens: 8 mm; night vision 20 meters;
Outdoor waterproof, waterproof level IP66;
Support iPhone Android phone APP;
Support 12 language , Firefox, Safari, Chrome Browser;
Support 4 Independent detection areas;4 Motion Detect;
36AH solar power battery,no sunshine support 72 hours;
DC5V/2A, 40W Solar Panel,5V 36AH Lithium Battery


1. Geological and forestry monitoring of falling rocks, floods, fires, lakes, forests, reservoirs    2. The construction site monitors the progress of valuable equipment and work;                      3. Oil and gas pipeline monitoring;                                                                                                4. Power station and transformer station monitoring                                                                    5. GSM and CDMA base station supervision;                                                                              6. Urban scenery scenic spots, tourist scenic spots, nature reserves, wild animal protection parks                                                                                                                                                7. Traffic monitoring, etc.

Description :

1.4G wireless video camera transmits the remote monitoring terminal video to the server through the 4G signal, and the user browses the remote real-time video online through the client without any wiring cost.                                                                                                                                2. Support mobile client to browse live video online                                                                        3. Advanced video compression technology, support dynamic setting of video parameters, support watermark (WATER-MARK) technology, support date and time, superimposed display of names                                                                                                                                             

4. Support multiple resolutions, including D1, Half-D1, CIF, QCIF, VGA, QVGA, QQVGA, etc.        5. Support a variety of recording modes, including timer recording, manual recording, motion  detection recording, alarm recording, and their combinations. Currently, supported combinations are motion detection recording and alarm recording.                                                                      6. Support SD card interface, storage format is FAT32, maximum support 32G storage, remotely request SD card to store video and pictures through a computer client                                       

7. Support PTZ control function, expandable                                                                                  8. Support multiple alarm modes:

a. Support motion detection alarm detection, support occlusion alarm detection                       

b. Scalable alarm function, local switch alarm input, support linkage recording, and linkage output                                                                                                                                           

c. Arming and disarming time configuration                                                                               

d. Alarm handling of other abnormal events (such as video loss, occlusion, storage exceptions, etc.)

9. Security

a. Administrators can create multiple users and configure their permissions; administrators can delete any user except themselves                                                                                             

b. Support log management. Provide records and queries for operation logs, alarm logs, and exception logs

10. Network function

a. Support TCP/IP protocol suite, support dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP), support PPPoE protocol                                                                                                                           

b. Support 4G China Unicom, telecommunications and mobile networks                                 

c. Remotely set parameters through the network, browse video signals in real-time, and view video device status through the network.                                                                                   

d. User name, password, and code stream are encrypted with a password to prevent leakage 

e. The log (operation log, alarm log, and abnormal log) information in the device can be queried through the network.


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