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Solar power Wireless 4G P2P PTZ High Definition Video Surveillance Camera

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Solar Power Dome P2P PTZ High Definition Video Surveillance Camera Smart Camera

Solar Camera PPT

The solar smart traffic camera is ideal for installation on roads without any city power.You can choose the mobile & liftable bracket to monitor anywhere you want. Solar camera smart motion detection on vehicle & person on modern transportation. All-in-one integrated design (trigger detection, behavior analysis & information recognition)

TR SOLAR solar power security camera is smart, easy to install and self-sufficient. Place it anywhere on your property – no power supply needed. Wifi /4G transmission module included – No cables required for connection


Build-in WIFI 802.11b/g/n; support 4G sim card;
HD Lens:2.8-12 mm;6-22 mm ;night vision 30 meters;
Outdoor waterproof, waterproof level IP66;
Support iPhone Android phone APP;
Support 12 language, Firefox, Safari, Chrome Browser;
Support 4 Independent detection areas;4 Motion Detect;
26 AH, solar power battery,no sunshine support 72 hours;
DC: 12V/2A, 50W Solar Panel,12V 26AH Lithium Battery;
Pan 360 degrees and Tilt 90 degrees;

HD camera adapts to 24 hours a year for outdoor use, with night vision function, 4G camera can work at -30 - +85 degrees, using solar battery pack power supply, battery can be cycled 800 times (with 22AH consumption)                                                                                        After completing the TV for one time, it can be used for 6 years to 8 years, and the working state can be triggered continuously for up to 72 hours, and the normal standby state can reach 12 months.                                                                                                                                    The surveillance camera activates the camera to capture the video recording program through the body temperature sensor, and triggers the 4G module to start and starts to read the FTP transmission mode, and the transmission uses 4G.                                                              Normally, the camera, infrared light, 4G and other modules are in the off state, only the low-power body temperature sensor is in the ready state, the 4G camera does not work, only need to retain 20UA current, the body temperature sensor triggers the synchronous start 4G camera and the infrared light instant capture Record and store locally.


Products used in schools, gas stations, cultural centers, museums, chain restaurants, 5A scenic area management and video marketing, canteens, jewelry stores, computer rooms, operator cabinet data collection, Pingan community 3 monitoring projects, Sloan goal score management, Internet of things large-scale orchard management, fish pond management, manufacturing factory production line remote video management, kindergarten remote care child platform, residential property management, hotel management, smart city video Internet of Things projects, high-speed rail tunnel visual Internet of Things projects.

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