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We can offer your whole system of medical mask machine!
Children’s Medical mask machine, N95 mask machine, Sterilizer of mask Machine and wrapping machine of the mask.

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1.Equipment Overview

This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of flat masks. After uploading roll fabricFabric will flange and cover the edge automatically. The nose clip is automatically cut & fed into the underlying fabric, and the first step of pressing and merging is cut into a single fabric at the same time. Both sides of the mask will wield by ultrasound welding technology and form by the cutter. The ear band is automatically welded through automatic cutting, clamping, handling and positioning, and ultrasonic welding. After the welding, the mask will automatically go to the next process.

2.Equipment Structure Picture

3. Equipment Install and Configuration Requirement

        1 Equipment Size: 6600mm (L) *3600mm (W)*2000mm (H)

        2 Outer ColorDefault RAL-9002or optional

        3 Equipment weight: Less than 5000 KG

        4 Power consumption: 220V, 50 Hz, 10KW

        5 Pressure air: 0.5~0.7 MPA, Consumption: 300L/min

        6 Working environment: Temperature: 1035℃;

            Humidity: 5-35%HR, No flammable or etchant gas and powder.

        7 Operation Staff: 1

        8 Final products size: 175*95mm (Standard)

 Datasheet of Automatic mask assembly machine