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TR-LG LED echargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

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TR-LG LIVING SMART WITH NIGHT LIGHTS. Many AUVON customers use them as a visual aid for stairs and other potential obstacles or hazards. These nightlights are also chosen for young children who are afraid of nightmares and darkness, as well as nursing mothers making late-night visits to their infant’s room.

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No worries about buying and changing non-recyclable AAA batteries frequently. A two-hour charge for this rechargeable battery light night can last up to 180 days when choosing Auto+Medium Mode. It's with a magnetic strip for mounting in addition to double-sided 3M adhesive pads for places with limited electricity access. As it can stand on any flat surfaces, you could place it wherever you love for lighting the way.

Mobile battery-powered luminaires Comfortable lighting for your outdoor living room! With our mobile battery-powered luminaires you can still spend a cozy and relaxed time out of doors even after sunset.

Whether in your garden, balcony, in the park or by the lake: the wireless luminaires provide pleasant, warm white light in any conceivable situation. The smaller versions easily fit in your bag - ideal when you are on the road!

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