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Pros and Cons of Solar Energy (TR SOLAR)

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy which comes from the sun and is converted to electrical energy through solar panels. It is an abundant, sustainable, and renewable energy. This is also a booming industry. According to the National Solar Jobs Census in 2015, as of November 2015, the number of solar workers are 208,000 in the U.S alone. As one of the top renewable energy sources, we should all be aware of the pros and cons of solar energy.

Pros of Solar Energy

There are a number of advantages when using this energy as alternative energy. It is renewable and abundant, which means we won’t run out of this energy. The amount available to us is enough to supply the earth a vast amount of energy.

Solar energy is environment-friendly. The harnessing of it produces less damage to the environment. Also, by harnessing it, we become less dependent on non-renewable energy sources such as oil, coal, and fossil fuels.

Solar-Energy-Prons Solar Energy

This power can also be readily available to people around the world, as long as they have the technology. Solar panels can be easily installed and can even be built and integrated in some buildings and they are easy to maintain. And unlike wind turbines, solar panels do not have moving parts that emit noise.

Moreover, the government supports the use of solar energy by providing incentives and rebates to users.

Cons of Solar Energy

However, no matter how promising solar energy is, there are some disadvantages. Most people see purchasing solar panels as an expensive endeavor. Some materials used for solar cells are rare and therefore expensive.

This power is also an intermittent energy source, as access to sunlight is limited and unpredictable.

There are also some environmental concerns regarding it. The manufacturing processes of solar energy are said to emit some greenhouse gases like Nitrogen trifluoride and Sulphur hexafluoride. However, most people believe that solar energy is still more environment-friendly than non-renewable sources.


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