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Solar Tracking System

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The solar tracker uses high-precision astronomy algorithm to calculate the angle of the sun, combined with high-performance microcontroller, making the system accurate and reliable, not rainy days interference, using international first-line brand tilt sensor, real-time closed-loop feedback tracking angle, automatic tracking, without human intervention.

Compatible with common components and bifacial double - glass components • Multi - point drive solutions , such as , multi - Linear , multi - slewing etc available for different needs . With split pile foundation , integrated steel pile and other solutions Solutions for different terrains , such as , flat , slope , etc.

Main Features
1) Power generation efficiency increased by 20%~35%.
2) Simple structure, easy in installation and debugger application.
3) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in inclination, electric parts and actuator parts.
4) The tracker could adjust solar panels into horizontal when meeting strong wind.
5) Adapt to outdoor environment, working temperature -40~80C°.
6) Running in a high automation and intelligence, no pollution.
7) Hot-dipped zinc galvanization will extend the work life of the brackets,25 years service life.