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Why Choose TR SOLAR?

* Reliable team, profesional engineers, experienced production, Perfect after-sales service, include (QC) Return and Exchange of goods, To provide you with safe and professional procurement services in China.

* We have employees more than 20 people can speak fluency English and most of them have about 5-10 years experience in solar filed.

* After be our partner, you will get additional service from us: 

Our procurement team will help you procurement, accompany you to see Trade show, look through local market, visit factory, send Invitation letter, translate, Hotel booking, railway station & airport pick up. 

After leaving china, We will confirm your orders, follow up the production, arrange the storage and other services, We have a professional QC team, to provide after- sales protection, you can enjoy all or any one of them.

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    We're here to help, in more ways than one.


    All products will be sent out 1-5days. If bulk production,should be 5-15days.


    10 years warranty for solar panels.  5 years warranty for solar streetlights. 


    You will get big discount when you register be our member.

9BB half cell solar panels


Since 2006

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Which types of warranties you will have?

Solar Panel: mininum 25 years of power generation capacity, with 10-years warranty.  Solar LED street light system : Mininum 50.000 hours life span, with 5-year all inclusive warranty.

Which are the information you should give us to best customize our solar lights?

*The sunshine hours per day or the exact city the street lights will be installed.

*How many continuous rainy days in the raining season there? (It matters because we have to make sure the light can still work in 3 or 4 raining days with little sunshine)

*The brightness of LED lamp(50Watt, for example) Working time of solar light every day(10 hours, for example)

*The height of the poles, or the width of roadIt is best to offer the pictures on the locations where the solar lamps going to be installed.

How long does it take to ship ?

As per the quantity, if few samples, only 1-5 days. If for bulk production, need about 10-15days.

What is sun hour?

A sun hour is a unit of measurement of the intensity of sunlight on the earth at a given time that can be used for generation of solar power, recognizing factors such as climate and weather. A full sun hour is measured as the intensity of sunlight at noon, whereas less than a full sun hour will result during the hours before and after noon.

What is a VIP Vault?

What is a VIP Vault?

The VIP Vault is much harder to unlock than any of the other Vaults as it's reserved for the most 'TR SOLAR' people.

The overall top point scorer is guaranteed to get a gift, and then nine other people who manage to unlock the Vault will be chosen at random to receive a small surprise. Previous VIP surprises have included sunglasses, phone accessories, chocolates and even wine.

If you want to unlock this exclusive Vault you'll need to be active throughout the whole month and at least your total amount must be TOP 1.

  • 9BB half cell solar panels

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