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Project to use solar energy in CCC street lights


The Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) has undertaken a project involving more than Tk 52 crore to bring street lights on 180-kilometer stretch of city roads under solar energy system with an aim to ease the power crisis and reduce power bills.

According to CCC sources, the project will be implemented with the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank under the Solar Street Lighting Programme in City Corporations.

They also informed that under the project a total of 350-kilometer stretch of city roads would be brought under solar street light system in phases.

CCC sources also said the ADB would provide Tk 50 crore 12 lakh and 60 thousand as loan for implementing the project while the corporation would provide Tk 2 crore and 60 lakh from their revenue income.

Initially the road stretch from Kalurghat to Airport, Karnaphuli Bridge to Bahadderhat, Nimtoli to City Gate, GEC intersection to AK Khan Gate, Dewanhat intersection to New Market will be brought under the system.

The project has already got approval from the Executive Committee on National Economic Council.

The project will bring down the power bill of CCC by Tk 2.5 crore and also reduce the use of power supplied by the Power Development Board. ‘There are 37 thousand street lights in 41 wards of the city, sources said.

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Solar system and solar panels:
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