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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, seeks to pre-qualify vendors for potential 37,000 streetlight installation

The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), a regional municipality including the cities of Halifax, Dartmouth, and Bedord, Nova Scotia, and the former county of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has issued a Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) for LED streetlight luminaires to be installed on municipal roadways. The purpose of the RFPQ is to review and pre-qualify selected LED manufacturers’ products for an upcoming installation. The HRM currently owns and maintains approximately 37,000 streetlights. The municipality’s plans include replacement all of its existing high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with LED streetlight luminaires. According to the bid document, recent legislation in the province of Nova Scotia is expected to require a switch to energy efficient LED technology for municipal roadways. The timeframe established for the full scale conversion to LEDs is approximately seven years. Responders to the RFPQ will be first be evaluated based on submission review and preliminary evaluation. If applicants pass a final assessment and reference check, they will be asked to submit four LED luminaires to complete photometric site testing. The testing process will lead to selection and pre-qualification of selected LED products.
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