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Brentwood, California, issues RFP for 467 LED streetlights

The city of Brentwood, California, has issued a Request for Proposals for the city’s first phase conversion of streetlights to LED technology. The project is part of the city’s 2012 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and is funded by the city’s general fund. The Brentwood CIP addresses the infrastructure needs of the city for the next five years. The upcoming installation of LED streetlights is a first phase project. The total amount of funding allocated to the project is $250,000.


The proposed project consists of replacing 467 existing high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights with LED luminaires, and will be deployed on area roadways including Balfour Road, Sand Creek Road, Walnut Boulevard, and Fairview Avenue. Manufacturers specified in the bid document include BetaLED/Cree of Sturtevant, Wisconsin, Leotek Electronics of Milpitas, Calfornia, and LED Roadway Lighting of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The city will also accept bids for approved equivalent LED luminaires.

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