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Hayward, California, to use $3 million loan to install 7,600 LED streetlights

The city of Hayward, California, recently received approval for a $3 million loan from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to convert all of the city’s high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights to LED streetlight fixtures. The loan, with a fixed interest rate of 3%, is funded by the Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA) program and administered by the CEC. The city will replace approximately 7,600 existing streetlights with energy efficient LED streetlights.

The city of Hayward previously completed a pilot program to test LED technology with a small 62 fixture installation located on Tennyson Road. “We have two additional installations to complete before we begin the CEC funded project. We are replacing 100 streetlights on Jackson Street, and also converting all of the safety lights to LEDs,” said Don Frascinella, transportation manager for the city of Hayward. “We are finalizing the bid document for the upcoming project and expect to have it released in the next two or three weeks,” said Frascinella.

Previously, the city installed LED fixtures manufactured by Leotek Electronics of Milpitas, California. “We are not specifying any particular manufacturer for this upcoming bid. We’ve developed performance specifications, and will identify several LED manufacturers, such as Leotek, Lumec, and BetaLED/Cree, but we will also ask for, and evaluate, approved equivalents,” said Frascinella. The project is expected to begin in early September 2012. Initial calculations show that the full scale conversion to LED streetlights will result in annual energy cost savings of about $356,000. The city of Hayward owns and maintains all of its streetlights. 

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