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LED plate afternoon go strong

JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Zhou Xu) yesterday afternoon, LED shares the concept of collective turnover lasheng. As of the close, Hagata Terua trading strong, Ou Feiguang rose 9.08%, BDO rose 8.38%, up 8.30%, REFOND optoelectronics poly opto-electronics rose 7.21%.

The first venture securities analyst Liu Xinyan said, although the current trend in the market downturn, but yesterday LED concept stocks but out of a wave of good market. From the fundamental point of view, the beginning of semiconductor lighting energy-saving plan reflects the management of the industry to promote, and in 2013 LED demand rebounded quickly, and the package before Taiwan LED industry chip startup, showing strong demand. Although the industry is generally good, but there is no denying that LED market competition tends to a white-hot. This is because the traditional lighting enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation to LED, photoelectric enterprises have put into the field. So investors in investment in the industry stocks, still need to pay more attention to the stock performance of whether there is a clear growth, short-term operation can not blindly chasing the high, the adjustment of the basic in place of optoelectronic, poly fly photoelectric concern may be appropriate.

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