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Redlands, California, issues RFP for 236 LED streetlights

The city of Redlands, California, has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the purchase and installation of decorative post-top and cobrahead LED streetlights.  This deployment is the first portion of a five phase implementation program to replace city-owned high pressure sodium streetlights The project is funded through a loan program through Southern California Edison (SCE) and federal grants, with an estimated total value of $250,000.


According to city council documents, the first phase will include the purchase and installation of approximately 236 LED post-top and cobrahead streetlights as part of the city’s Downtown Reinvestment Program. The installation will focus on parts of Orange Street, Citrus Avenue, State Street and Redlands Boulevard. Included in the project are 33 Leotek or approved equivalent cobrahead LED streetlights. These fixtures are slated to replace existing 150 watt and 200 watt HPS streetlights. Additionally, the bid document specifies 3 Hadco single acorn LEDs, 180 Hadco twin acorn LEDs, and 20 Hadco quad acorn LEDs.


The city currently owns and maintains about 4,400 HPS streetlights. Long term plans include the replacement of remaining city-owned streetlights with LED fixtures. According to city council documents, the city expects to save about $7,000 annually in energy costs for the first phase. Once all existing streetlights are replaced with LED fixtures, the city expects to reduce energy costs by nearly $83,000 annually.

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