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Wedding Décor Tips – Elegant Lighting

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Getting a wedding to look perfect is going to take beautiful decoration ideas and wonderful lighting. Both of these elements will add romance and brilliance to the ambiance, so why not mix them together? Wedding lighting aims to give the special day that stunning glow for timeless memories.


Below are a few ideas for lighting that you can set up for a wedding.


Light displays


You can get light displays in different colors and styles, and some of them cater specifically for weddings. Some favorites are hearts, doves, and bells. You can also get the ones that are shaped like cupid or roses. They’re easy to use. You just plug them into an outlet, place them somewhere and that’s it. You can use them as a focal point or accessories to the whole design. You can use the ones that have LED light bulbs installed on them since they don’t heat up making them less of a hazard.


Mini lights


You normally get these in incandescent or LED light bulbs. Some of them need plug-ins but to clear out or minimize wires and clutter, it’s best to just use battery powered ones. Add them to table center pieces of flower arraignments to turn them to an exquisite piece. They can also add sparkle and special effects to any area, especially the blinking ones.


String lights


Classic and clean, these beautiful lights add a touch of elegance and fantasy to any wedding décor. They’re perfect for outdoor events since they make the area look like they’re surrounded by fireflies or stars. They look like smaller versions of Christmas lights and when they light up, they look like crystals from a far. You can get these at any light store and it’s cheaper if you can get them by the meter. You just need to have them wired at both ends and you can create light strings in any length.

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