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Philips Hadco, Cooper Lighting, and GE Lighting LED streetlights tested in Portland GATEWAY demonstration project

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The U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) recently published a report on a demonstration assessment of LED roadway lighting. This report is part of the U.S. DOE GATEWAY Solid-State Lighting Technology Demonstration Program. The GATEWAY program focuses on providing third-party data comparing solid-state lighting technology with other existing lighting technologies. The new report details results of the demonstration program installed on N.E. Cully Boulevard in Portland, Oregon.


In Portland, the GATEWAY effort involved the installation and comparison of four existing lighting technologies: LED, induction, high pressure sodium and ceramic metal halide. The test included three LED fixtures, one induction fixture, one high pressure sodium fixture, and one ceramic metal halide fixture. The cobrahead-style LED fixtures represented were the Philips Hadco Evolaire, Cooper Lumark RC LED, and GE Lighting Solutions Evolve. Conclusions from the study, according to the report, are that “the results from this evaluation support the consensus that LED streetlights can effectively replace 100 W HPS streetlights while reducing energy consumption.”


The study used objective and subjective tools to analyze the performance of the installed roadway fixtures. The demonstration luminaires were evaluated based on manufacturer data, performance determined by computer calculations, and via physical measurements. Subjective data was compiled from public responses to questionnaires and on-site evaluations. Based on this data, the Cooper Lighting LED luminaire achieved the highest rating in meeting the needs of the Cully Boulevard application. The report also concludes that cooperation between cities and utilities is essential to further the adoption of advanced lighting technologies.

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