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LED Commercial Lighting Field Gradually Becomes the Focus All Manufacturers Compete for

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As Chinese government spares no effort to promote the popularity of outdoor lighting, as well as the LED luminaries is listed for energy-saving subsidies for the first time, many industry insiders predict that LED interior lighting will usher in an explosive growth in 2013, and LED commercial lighting will lead the popularity of LED interior lighting.


According to the report from Taiwan''s Central News Agency, research institutes forecast that the global market share of LED commercial lighting (including office, retail and hotel) in 2013 will reach $ 1.059 billion, a substantial increase of 50% over 2012. In view of the commercial lighting market, Japan, Europe, Mainland China and emerging markets such as Vietnam and Thailand strongly promote LED commercial lighting market and release large amounts of order.


Taking view of this Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, LED commercial lighting becomes the focus all manufacturers compete for. For example, GE Lighting launched new LED commercial lighting products and overall solutions. Solution specializations, Philips launched LED commercial lighting and medical lighting for the segments. In addition, MULINSEN, Kingsun, Tridonic and other companies have launched specialized solutions for commercial lighting.


In view of the LED products used in commercial lighting, the commercial lighting LED lamps mainly are LED down-light, LED Panel and so on. From the current application status of LED commercial lighting fixture, LED commercial lighting fixture is mainly divided into three categories: (1) commercial lighting fixtures using alternative sources like LED bulbs, (2) commercial lighting fixtures with the feature that light source, driver and lamp in one, (3) commercial lighting lights with self-ballasted LED module.


In terms of the classification, lighting fixtures included in the first classification just simply replace the light source with LED light source products, which is the continuation of traditional lamps. Because of heat restrictions, the whole lamp power is about 10W or less. Lamps in the second category take full advantage of the lamp body for cooling to solve low lamp power, but the cost is higher, and there is no fundamental solution to completely solve the maintenance and usage problems. The self-ballasted module of lights from the third category is not limited by standard lamp cap; there is a greater design space in cooling. In the event of failure, maintenance and replacement are relatively simple.

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