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The Cooling Solutions for MOD''s Zhaga LED Modules

MOD lighting,New heatsink,Light engine

In order to enable the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers, Zhaga, which is an industry-wide cooperation between companies, has defined interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines. Although the LED engines which comply with the Zhaga standards all have the same shape and can be mounted in the same way, that doesn’t mean they all perform in the same way.


To compare the quality of light, there are a lot of values available, ranging from output lumen, CCT to CRI, and with these indexes we have some input to match the criteria with the goal of luminaire design. However, when it comes to the aspects of expected life time, color shifting due to temperature, lumen decrease through the years, all these aspects have one single origin: thermal management.

MOD lighting,New heatsink,Light engine

According to the R&D manager of MOD, “perfect internal thermal management with patented heat slug technology can lead to a minimal required external cooling of these LED modules”. Taking MOD''s light engine  which is developed according to the Zhaga book 3 standards as an example; it combines high quality LED dies from the latest generation with the use of high performance carrier boards and a deep knowledge of thermal management.


MOD’s thermal partner has introduced passive and active thermal solutions for Light engine. For a 2000 lumen (19W)  LED engine, which is built into a recessed shop light at an ambient temperature of 40°C, a passive LED cooler of diameter 88mm and height 46mm (as shown in the figure) is the optimal choice to reach a perfect cooling (the temperature of heat sink only rises to 60°C) and an expected life time of over 40,000 hours.


For the passive cooling solutions, there are many applications can use this. For spot and down lights from 2000 to 6000 lumen (20 to 50W cooling), MOD ''sLED modular passive LED cooler is specifically suitable for the high power LED engines, such as 19W,28Wand 50W Philips SLM and Bridgelux Vero series. The LED cooler features super silent working mode, unique thermal performance and Zhaga module compatibility. The modular design with mounting holes can mount the MOD''s spot light module directly without adding additional drilling or tapping costs.


MOD’s light engine uses Philips SLM G3 19W~50W components which are high brightness LEDs. And it is available in 19W (2000 lm)/ 28W (3000 lm)/ 50W (4500 lm), with high CRI (over 85). Besides, its specially designed holder and reflector make it easy to interchange different optical designed reflectors (available in 21°, 36° and 50°). Light engine can be assembled easily into heat sink and lighting fixture.

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