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Lighting streets with solar-powered lamps

Street lamps in the villages of the taluk will be lit using solar power, said M S Srinivas Reddy, former vice-president of the Taluk Panchayat.

Inaugurating work on installation of the solar power lamps at Dommasandra on Monday, Reddy said the measure was taken to solve the problem of regular power cuts in rural areas of the taluk.

The project is being undertaken using money from the Constituency Development fund. “Solar lamps are being installed at Dommasandra, Basavarajapura, Vajranagenahalli and other villages using Rs 5.75 lakh from the fund,” said Reddy.

Last year, solar lamps were installed at villages in Emmenatta Gram Panchayat. The Panchayat member Raghupathi Gowda had requested the citizens to ensure the lamps are not just utilised but also maintained well.

“Lack of a permanent irrigation project has meant a halt to the agricultural activities. In between, however, there is also the problem of shortage of power supply to the taluk. This has added to the woes of not just farmers but also students,” rued Reddy, adding that he hoped the installation of solar lamps would alleviate the latter problem.

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