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High-tech, solar-powered street lighting

Energy-saving specialist Alberta is behind the recent installation of solar-powered street lighting in Birkirkara. The project is part of a local council initiative.

The lights utilise LED technology. The two PV panels on the top of each light charge a battery pack throughout the day, ensuring enough energy is stored for use at night.

“The technology used is extremely sophisticated and can even determine when to switch from charging mode to battery mode via a light sensor,” said Samuel Bonanno and Adrian Farrugia from Alberta.

The system is also IP-rated, meaning it is completely weather-proof and secure, so it can be installed outside with minimal risk of it being stolen or damaged. It is also convenient for use in areas that may be slightly off the beaten track, as each lamp is self-sufficient and autonomous from the local power supply.

With the system offering up to three days of independent lighting without the need to be charged and the PV panel system guaranteed for 25 years, it is hoped the project may be extended to adjacent roads or other localities.

“Birkirkara council is now saving between eight and 12 lighting hours every day, substantially reducing electricity consumption. As Malta continues to make strides towards implementing its eco strategy, projects such as this make all the difference,” said Mr Bonanno.

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Solar system and solar panels:
Solar system and solar panels:
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