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Solar powered motorway lights

DRIVERS using the M6 through Cheshire are benefiting from a £390,000 scheme to light up motorway lanes.

The Highways Agency have replaced traditional ‘cat’s eyes’ with solar-powered ones between junctions 17 in Sandbach and 18 near Holmes Chapel.

More than 3,300 solar-powered studs have been installed along the stretch.

Traditional road studs rely on reflective strips being lit by car headlamps but the brightness of solar-powered studs are also boosted by their own internal batteries.

The improved studs will particularly help motorists overnight or in poor weather especially within unlit sections of motorway.

They also contain sensors so they come on automatically when it gets dark.

Highways Agency project sponsor Matthew Loxton said: “The use of new, solar-powered road studs will provide greater illumination of the road lanes and further contribute to road safety in what is an unlit, rural section of the motorway network.”

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Solar system and solar panels:
Solar system and solar panels:
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