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Street lamps heading to APEC venue to use solar cells

To prepare for hosting the APEC Summit next year, Badung regency has allocated Rp 17 billion (US$1.8 million) to replace the energy source currently powering street lamps along the road to Nusa Dua from electricity to solar cells.

Badung Regent AA Gde Agung said that Nusa Dua was one of the biggest assets for the regency, even for Indonesia, serving as the main venue for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE).

A number of international-scale MICE events have been held in Nusa Dua, including the ASEAN Summit and the Bali Democratic Forum (BDF), attended by head of states.

“This compound is not only safe, but also convenient. Even the US president, Barack Obama, spent some of his time jogging on the beach when he was here,” Gde Agung said proudly.

For MICE events next year, including the APEC Summit, he said the regency would make the trip taken by heads of state and delegates from the airport to the venue and the hotels more impressive.

Among the efforts is eliminating the cluttered electricity cables along the street, particularly en route to Nusa Dua.

“We will use solar cells to light the street lamps, so there will be no cluttering wires along the street,” he said, adding that 21 heads of state and 1,000 CEOs from large companies worldwide had confirmed their attendance at the APEC Summit.

As many as 356 street lamps along Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, from the Dewa Ruci intersection to Nusa Dua, will be powered by solar cells.

The project to replace the current energy source will cost Rp 17 billion, allocated from the regency’s budget. 

“It’s costly, indeed, but this is an investment to improve the quality of our tourism,” said the regent, also the person in charge for preparing the facilities for the APEC Summit. 

In addition to the aesthetic reasons, the use of solar cells is expected to reduce electricity consumption and will thus help preserve the environment. 

Gde Agung also asked all parties, including the managements of tourist accommodations, to use environmentally friendly energy.

Putu Eka Mertawan, head of the regency’s sanitary and landscaping agency, said the solar cell project would be implemented soon.

He said no street lamps in Bali used solar cells yet, but they had been used to power some traffic lights.

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