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Town of Innisfil commits to solar powered LED streetlights

In a bid to encourage more green initiatives, the Town of Innisfil unveiled a demonstration solar-powered streetlight last week.

The streetlight is stationed at the north-west corner of the ninth line and twentieth sideroad.

“The biggest benefit from this new solar street lamp is the cost savings. There is no electrical cost or infrastructure costs and the lamps require very little maintenance,” said Dave Owen of Alternate Power International Inc. (API) in a press release.

“The solar street lamp has a long lasting and 100% nontoxic battery system and it offers dark sky lighting with no light pollution. An added benefit is that they are produced locally, at our Innisfil manufacturing facility.”

Last month, Town Council approved a $1 million investment for Phase-1 of a two-year LED streetlight replacement program for 2013.

The Town reports that the LED light replacement program will save Innisfil taxpayers $250,000 a year (or the equivalent to saving 1.25% tax) once all streetlights have been replaced.

“Council so often hears that Innisfil residents want us to explore green energy options where possible,” said Mayor Bard Baguley.

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Solar system and solar panels:
Solar system and solar panels:
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