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Read our blog & connect with us on Superior, Nebraska, installs 600 GE Evolve LED streetlights

Nearly two years ago, the city of Superior, Nebraska, embarked on an ambitious plan to replace all of the city’s streetlights with energy efficient LED fixtures. Superior’s power needs are served by a municipal utility, so city officials hoped to reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings for the community. Energy savings plans included a large-scale replacement of 600 existing high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights with LED roadway fixtures, funded in part by a $246,000 grant from the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) and $62,000 in local funding.


“This was the city’s first installation of LED streetlights and now, nearly two years later, we are very satisfied with the results,” said Larry Brittenham, utility manager for the city of Superior. During the bid process, city officials evaluated several test fixtures in a side-by-side installation, including LED streetlights manufactured by Cooper Lighting, GE, Ecofit, and GreenStar. The city eventually chose the GE Evolve fixture based on performance and energy consumption. The installation included 576 cobrahead LED fixtures and about 20 decorative acorn fixtures.


“With the installation of the LED streetlights, our energy consumption has been reduced by about 66%,” said Brittenham. This figure translates into annual energy savings of about $31,000. “We do periodic spot checks at the circuits to check for actual energy consumption,” said Brittenham. In addition to the energy savings, the city also found that labor savings increased dramatically. The city owns and maintains its inventory of streetlights.

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