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Energy Matters In Solar Marketing

Every now and again I am so impressed by brilliant simplicity that I write about it, because i think we can all learn from great examples and clearly your energy matters when it comes to good marketing.

Unless someone trumps them in the next few weeks, I think I now have to award Energy Matters with the cleverest bit of marketing 101 prowess I’ve seen all year.

Today, I was notified by a Google alert  ” A world first was delivered for solar Christmas lights by Energy Matters”. This intriguing byline  got me interested straight away and took me to their web site. Tick – web traffic.

On reading the story, it turns out that Borgnis Street in Davidson, Sydney has a pretty whizz bang Christmas lights display each year and the clever little Christmas solar elves at Energy Matters put their green felt caps on and got to work.

Energy matters have announced that “Each Borgnis Street residents with Christmas lights has been given free of charge a 1.75kW system valued at $4677. “The size of this system will not only help offset the cost of running the street’s lights this Christmas, it will do so for the next 25 years and beyond”. Double Tick – a give away speaks of generosity but a whole street give away is huge!

Now I cant speak for their marketing team but to me this is sheer marketing genius because  it just ticks so many boxes. However, on top of it all its just a bloody nice gesture that’s pretty hard to criticise.

How does it tick the boxes? Like this:

  • Helps home owners struggling with electricity bills who are trying to light up some kids life’s
  • Is connected to a genuine and well known charitable cause 
  • They have extended their offer directly to aditional support for Bear Cottage
  • Leaves a lasting reminder of their generosity for decades
  • They described the savings the house holders will get each year in simple terms
  • Is perfectly timed to connect with the excitement and spirit of Christmas
  • Its a world first (apparently!?) which is always good for news headlines
  • They termed the phrase “Solar Clause” which is cute
  • Links back to their web site
  • Links their web site to Bear Cottage
  • They now have a street full of Energy Matters advocates
  • Every visitor (tens of thousands) to the street will undoubtedly see Energy Matters signage
  • Its news worthy
  • It’s truly generous; not just one house, the whole street

I’m sure there are other great examples of marketing out there in the Australian solar industry but hats off and Merry Christmas to “Solar Clause” at Energy Matters for innovative and generous marketing.

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