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Today everything is being sold at inflated prices and energy is no way lagging behind in the race. With the increasing costs of energy, people are now thinking to switch over to alternate sources of energy and the most common option of all is the use solar lights. SEPCO has therefore come out with solar light based products so that it can help you curb the expenses on energy consumption.

Solar Electric Power Company abbreviated as SEPCO, has evolved various techniques by which the use of solar lights can be enhanced and the products are designed after complete proven research. Each of the product helps in reducing the cost of energy to a greater extent and they are also environment friendly. Thus they serve two purposes at a time.

SEPCO has undertaken various projects and the list includessolar street light, Solar Parking Lot Lighting, solar powered security light, solar pathway lighting, solar sign lighting, decorative solar lighting, solar landscape lighting, solar flag lighting, solar shelter lighting, solar flashers and solar power system. All of the above projects were successfully accomplished and the outcome is reduced energy cost.

Our solar street light project was laid using different stylish fixtures for illuminating streets, highways, pathways and roadways. Our systems need no connection with the electric grid, though they are available if required. Our project turned out to be spectacular in every aspect, be it quality, reliability and performance. The life expectancy of the system is around 25 years and it is backed by warranty so that you need not worry for the future consequences.

Our solar parking lot lighting project was undertaken at various places around the world and some of them are Kona Airport Hawaii, Anaheim Hills of Golf course, Bahamas Hot Mix,Guam University, Duke Energy and many others.

We specialize in transforming the outdoor look as well with the help of our Solar Lighting Outdoorwhich are installed in place of tube lights and bulbs consuming energy. Most people are found to neglect decorating the outer space of their house due to the excess cost of energy involved. But with our solar lighting outdoor, you need not pay an extra penny for electricity and yet give your outdoors an amazing look with the solar lights and solar powered security light that will be charged using the natural sun rays.

These lights are environmental friendly as they make complete use of the natural light, also with the use of solar lights you can contribute towards saving the resources for the future generations.

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Solar system and solar panels:
Solar system and solar panels:
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