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Quincy to install 420 energy-efficient streetlight bulbs

Quincy officials have begun a program to replace all the city-owned streetlights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, in an effort to save thousands of dollars in energy bills and provide better lighting throughout the city.

According to a release, the program began the week of Sept. 24 in Norfolk Downs, and will continue to Wollaston and Quincy Center.

All in all, 420 city-owned lights will be changed to the new bulbs, which are brighter and will direct more light down to the street than upward, officials said.

“This is an important step forward that our residents will see virtually right away with brighter lights and fewer outages in these areas, and it is also good for the environment and the finances of the City by providing real savings,” said Mayor Thomas Koch in a release.

The program was initiated following Quincy’s Green Community Designation. Alongside the designation, Quincy was also awarded a $370,000 grant to fund energy projects such as the lighting initiative.

One of the largest cities to qualify for the program, Quincy set strict energy-reduction standards, reducing the city’s total energy consumption by 20 percent over the next several years.

In addition to the lighting change, the city also plans to install solar panels on public buildings, purchase energy-efficient vehicles, and reduce consumption in the schools and in city offices, officials said in a release.

The conversion to LED lights will be done only on city bulbs, and not on the larger group of cobra head streetlights that are owned and operated by National Grid.

“The City is continuing to explore long-term options for streetlights citywide, including the possibility of purchasing lights from National Grid, which would give the City direct control of light management and the ability to replace bulbs on its own,” officials said in a release.

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