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Countermeasure of Chinese PV companies: to move production overseas


Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd (002506, SZ) published a statement today that company has obtained the authorization of US ETL recently that their PV modules using solar cells produced in Taiwan can be sold on American market. It’s a success for Chinese PV company to escape from American “anti-dumping and anti-subsidy” restrictions by purchasing solar cells form the third party overseas to process into components.

Chaori Solar said in this report that their PV modules produced in this way have no barriers to be sold on the U.S market which guarantees its large power station project reserved with its partner.

On the U.S time May 17, U.S Commerce Ministry announced officially the initial judgment on Chinese PV battery and components manufactories: to impose temporary anti-dumping duties from 31.14% to 249.96% on related Chinese PV companies, which caused strong dissatisfaction in mainland Chinese PV industry.

Even though this PV trade dispute is still waiting for the final adjudication from ITC on November 19, Chinese PV companies are not willing to sit still, most of which began to consider countermeasures according to their different conditions.

To transfer production overseas is one successful countermeasure at the moment. As the target of US anti-dumping investigation is PV modules and components produced in mainland China, “Chinese PV companies can escape from duties by build factories overseas or in Taiwan to produce solar cells”, said an insider.

Other PV companies began recently to establish factories overseas including Suntech Power and ENN Group in the U.S.

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