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Emerson's Power Inverters in Two California Solar Installations

Emerson today announced it will supply utility-scale power inverters for two solar energy projects in California with capacity to produce a combined 70MW of power.

Quanta Power Generation will use Emerson power inverters to convert DC power from solar arrays into AC power, which is placed directly on the electric grid and is used by homes and businesses.

Located about 60 miles southeast of Fresno, California (US), the larger of the two plants, with capacity to generate 50MW of power, is estimated to be complete by the end of the year. The smaller plant will have capacity to produce 20MW with anticipated completion in October 2012. The projects are owned and being developed by two project company subsidiaries of GCL Solar Energy. GCL selected Quanta Power Generation to provide the engineering, procurement, and construction services for the project.

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