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Solar power plant self-igniting





Recently, the solar component of a photovoltaic power station in Munich, Germany ignite, burning live miserable. It is understood that the fire started in a rooftop solar photovoltaic panels electrical control box at happens to be a positive pressure air inlet of the stairwell leading to indoor smoke intrusion. Not fire alarm linkage exhaust fan, flue gas filled the air, after the fire engines dispatched pathogenic fire extinguished.
Friends laugh: this summer, go to Europe to see the fireworks, to Qinghai to listen to fireworks
PV modules frequent "spontaneous combustion" product quality can not be ignored
PV module manufacturers should strengthen technical and quality aspects of the work, the future everywhere this scene is not only the question of compensation for Chinese manufactured products may also be resisted. The incident was thanks cleaners passing to discover or patch of factories will be in ruins! Convenient the photovoltaic components retrospective claims should purchase the reinsurance liability insurance and quality insurance.


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Solar system and solar panels:
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