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Jingyuan signs 10.9b in contracts with Shenzhen

A Baiyin hometown alumni organization in Shenzhen held a Jingyuan project promotion in Shenzhen on April 12, where Jingyuan county of Baiyin city, Northwest China’s Gansu province, signed contracts on seven projects, with a total investment of 10.86 billion yuan ($1.75 billion), Gansu Economic Daily reported.

At the project promotion, Jingyuan recommended 52 projects in agriculture, industrial development, cultural tourism, commerce circulation and urban development, with total investments of more than 24 billion yuan.

The seven projects are: a 200-megawatt solar-thermal demonstration power plant, Hengda ceramics tiles production line, Shenzhen Investigation & Research Institute Co Ltd Gansu branch, micro-organism probiotic liquid products, Northwest (Jingyuan) solar-thermal power generation equipment industrial park, rare earth aluminum alloy cable for high-speed rail and special cable production line, and the China Red Star Furniture Group project.

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