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Hefei to create four rural tourism resorts

It is a good time to relax in rural areas during March, when the grass is flourishing, and orioles fly. Recently, it has been announced that in three to five years, four rural tourism resorts will be built in Chaohu's surrounding areas, Zipeng Mountain, Dawei county, and San Shigang county in Heifei, Anhui province. Meanwhile, the health standards and cleanliness of three-star tourist hotels will be implemented in high-class farmhouses.

Since the launch of a campaign called "millions of people to have great rural experience tour", by the end of last year there were 162 assessed star-class farmhouses in Hefei, in which there were three new five-star farmhouses, and 13 four-star farmhouses. Last year, Hefei received a total of 15.93 million rural tourism tourists, achieving a tourism revenue of 1.36 billion yuan ($0.22 billion).

In the coming years, more rural travel routes and scenic spots will open to the public. "By 2015, 20 rural tourism demonstration zones (villages) will be built, and 10 recommended rural tourism routes will be created", a spokesman said.

This year, Hefei will formulate "assessment standards of Hefei rural tourism demonstration villages," focusing on promoting the construction of rural tourism demonstration villages. The three-star tourist hotel health standards will be implemented in some senior farmhouses, improving the health facilities of rural tourism catering and accommodation.

This year, Hefei will carry out "Ten countryside projects". For example, experts will train farmers to develop special plant breeding. Free solar power generation equipment installation will be provided to 200 poor rural households. These households will also get support to apply for electricity subsidies. In the sectors of culture, education, and health in rural areas, with the guidance of a professional team, people will be encouraged to participate in cultural activities, and have the chance to switch their roles from "audiences" to "actors".

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