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China's first megawatt photovoltaic plant for civil aviation goes into operation in Hongqiao


The first megawatt photovoltaic plant project for aviation in China, the Hongqiao Airport west freight area megawatt power generation project, has passed acceptance inspection.

Currently, the new power generating plant can offer a daily electricity supply of 1,600 kWh, taking up 0.7 percent of Hongqiao Airport's daily electricity consumption.

It is estimated that the daily power supply will reach 24,000 kWh daily this June, after the completion of the final debugging operation. It will satisfy 10 percent of Hongqiao Airport's daily power consumption. The extra supply will also be transmitted to the city center, helping cope with power supply pressure during summer.

Energy conservation and power reduction has been a focus for Hongqiao Airport recently. Various energy conservation projects have been approved, including transformer renovation and energy system optimization.

The newly-founded power generation plant is one of the most important measures to transform Hongqiao into a green airport, as the 30,000-square-meter photovoltaic panels can transform solar energy into electricity.

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