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Zhangjiagang writes first personal electricity sales check

The use of new energy has been accepted by more and more people due to the issuance of related regulations in the country. A man surnamed Luo in Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu province received his first sales receipt in the Suzhou area from the Zhangjiagang municipal office of state administration of taxation after using solar panels to generate electricity.

Luo has installed solar panels on the roof of his house to generate electricity from solar power. By signing an agreement with Zhangjiagang Power Supply, he became the first individual to personally generate electricity.

As of the end of 2013, Luo had 146 kilowatt-hours left of electricity to sell to the city’s power company. Luo received 61.32 yuan ($10.09), the first electricity sales receipt in the area.

People in Nanjing and Yangzhou have begun to generate electricity by installing solar panels to provide power for their homes, selling the rest to the country.

According to an official regulation, if a resident generates electricity of 100 kilowatt-hours and sells them to the country, he will get 42 yuan. Those who make less than 500 yuan per day or per time and less than 20,000 yuan per month, don’t need to pay taxes.

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