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Speeding up the profitability of flat-roof solar installations


Ecolibrium Solar modernized the flat-roof mounting industry with the launch of the Ecofoot in 2010. The company has announced the upcoming release of Ecofoot 2 - the first modular system that combines the benefits of polymer with integrated grounding and wire management.

This new product utilizes the key components of the original Ecofoot-speed, low-parts count, and cost effectiveness-now with the inclusion of integrated grounding, wire management, and increased weatherability.

The enhanced material benefits of the new, Ecofoot 2 include the lowest cost per-watt in class, an innovative patent-pending design, a reformulated polymer designed to withstand the elements (and a 25 year warranty to last the system life) and PE stamping certification for painless permitting.

Add in a low part count that allows for a hassle-free install, a modular product body that saves design time and the fact that the Ecofoot 2 requires no customization - and that means lowered lead times for the install itself.

Roof mounting systems that require penetration of the roof are a potential can of worms and warranty claims over the years if the roof leaks at the penetration points - which is not-uncommon over the typical 20-25 years warrantied lifetime of a solar installation.

The Ecofoot 2 module design has been formulated to make solar energy more accessible by eliminating customization and roof penetration, ensuring compatibility with all roof types, and the guarantee of zero corrosion for the life of the system.

Shipping and handling is simplified with the nestable body form, made from industrial grade polymer which requires no grounding. Quality engineering, durability, and ease of handling make the Ecofoot 2 the economic choice for solar racking.


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