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Yonghe Park embraces ecological renewal

Zhongguancun Yonghe Hangxing Science Park – a part of Yonghe Park - and its tenant company, Enlight Media, are set to complete their ecological renewal in the following days  and it is expected to save 7 million KWH of power over the next 6 years.

The science park’s office buildings are equipped with a wind control device which captures the wind to cool down the building. There is also a special apparatus to remove PM2.5 particles, which are considered to be a cause of respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

 The park has also explored how to combine natural resources and high-tech to build eco-friendly, green offices, and it features special facilities to reutilize light, rain and solar power. It has now almost completed its reconstruction relating to the conservation of land, energy, water and materials.

Nearly 50% of the science park’s office buildings now have electricity conservation equipment, leading to an annual power saving of 1.3 million degrees, water saving of 5280 tons and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 1310 tons.

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Solar system and solar panels:
Solar system and solar panels:
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