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Qinghai Special: Going 'green' through development strategy

As Qinghai becomes increasingly recognized as an investment destination, the annual Qinghai Green Development and Investment Trade Fair has become an important venue for the inland province to showcase its development and business opportunities

In 2000 when China began to implement its Western Development Strategy, the a conference for private enterprises participating in the development of northwest China was held in the provincial capital of Xining - the predecessor of an event that was later named the Qinghai Green Development and Investment Trade Fair

The province's authorities have made full use of the event to step up its development and economic transformation

Value of signed contracts at the fair has jumped from less than 10 billion yuan in 2000 to more than 165 billion yuan in 2012, according to the provincial government

Government officials said a great number of important projects ranging from new materials to new energy, equipment manufacturing, solar energy, civil aviation to modern services and logistics, have been introduced through the fair

A range of large State-owned enterprises including China Power Investment Corp and Shenhua Group, as well as renowned private enterprises have established businesses in Qinghai, bringing in a large number of excellent entrepreneurs and talented professions in management and technology, said officials

They added that inbound investment has not only helped transform Qinghai's traditional industries and boost the growth of new sectors, but also enhanced the general development of the province's tourism, culture, and service industries

In recent years, "green" development - issues related to energy conservation, emissions reduction and environmental protection - has become a prime focus of the fair

During the 2012 gathering, participants held intensive discussions on how to achieve healthy development in China's solar energy industry

The recent fairs have solidified Qinghai's determination on green development. While making great effort to attract more investment, the province has followed strict environment requirements for all new industrial projects, said the officials

They said green concepts like recycling and low emissions have been implemented in every link of industrial operations in the province, right from the very start with the types of projects approved

Many enterprises have formed integrated and recyclable industrial chains to better use resources and reduce wastes

An example is the integrated industrial cluster for the development of magnesium resources. Some operations are involved in the refining of magnesium from salt lakes and others use the byproduct sodium carbonate for chemical production

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