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CASE: Additional DoC PV Tariffs 'False‘


The Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy (CASE) has released a statement accusing SolarWorld and the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) of “falsely claiming” that the US Department of Commerce would levy additional tariffs on American solar companies that have imported solar products from China.

Earlier this week, CASM issued a statement saying “Commerce investigators today announced they found that the Chinese government illegally supplied electricity to Chinese solar producers at a discounted rate. This subsidy increased the duty by 0.44% on Suntech and 0.47% of Trina. Commerce also found numerous illegal grant programs, which added another 0.59% for Trina and 0.04% for Suntech.”

CASE responded, quoting a statement by a US Department of Commerce spokesperson, “The memorandum identified several additional subsidy programs that were preliminarily deemed to be countervailable. However, no additional estimated countervailing duties, i.e., ‘cash deposits,’ will be collected at the border based on this analysis. These preliminary findings are subject to comment by all parties, and Commerce will fully consider and address all comments in its final determination, which is scheduled to be announced on October 10.”

CASE President Jigar Shah says this is "just one more example of SolarWorld’s blatant attempts at fear-mongering in an unbroken pattern of irresponsible behavior.” 

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