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Global photovoltaic market dominated by Saint-Go

The global photovoltaic glass market has recently seen China develop rapidly into the worlds largest producer of solar cells and solar cell components.

Photovoltaic glass, also known as solar photovoltaic glass or ultra clear photovoltaic glass, is mainly applied to solar PV power generation and solar PV components. Currently, ultra-clear patterned glass used for crystalline silicon solar cell components and TCO glass used for thin-film solar cell components are utilised most widely.

The current application of PV glass technology is mainly to power the building. Due to limited availability of sunlight, PV glass is not in any position to be able to provide sufficient energy for the whole building.

In recent years, consumption within the global photovoltaic glass market has been ascending with the development of the solar photovoltaic industry.

In 2012, due to the sluggish photovoltaic market as well as the countervailing & anti-dumping investigation imposed by Europe, America, India and other countries on Chinese solar cells and components, Chinas photovoltaic industry and photovoltaic glass industry showed a significant declining trend.

The representative PV glass companies like CSG, Almaden and Xiuqiang Glasswork witnessed the fall of more than 40% in their net income in the first three quarters of 2012.

Saint-Gobain, Nippon Sheet Glass, Asahi Glass and PPG are the PV glass leaders in the world. In recent years, as the photovoltaic cell component market which is the terminal of the photovoltaic industry transfers to China, these tycoons have speeded up the pace of their development in China.

Saint-Gobain is a leading supplier of special glass designed for photovoltaic applications, with around 30% of world market share. Mainly due to its SGG ALBARINO extra-clear patterned glass, SGG DIAMANT float glass and its experience in layer glass, Saint-Gobain is already a key player in this field.

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