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GCL-Poly Energy reportedly to


GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, the largest China-based maker of polysilicon and solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, reportedly plans to take over a 20% stake in Taiwan-based crystalline silicon solar cell maker Motech Industries from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) but has been unable to strike the deal because GCL could not accept conditions for the takeover proposed by TSMC chairman Morris Chang, according to Taiwan-based makers in the industry. However, TSMC declined to comment and GCL denied the reporting.

GCL's motivation for the investment in Motech is large demand for 7.0-8.0GWp PV systems for installation each year in China in the future and Motech's factory in Kunshan, eastern China, can supply solar cells to meet market demand, the Taiwan-based makers pointed out. In addition, investment in Motech can introduce technology for producing high-quality solar cells and thereby it can be helpful for GCL to sell polysilicon and silicon wafers.

If Motech wants to tap the China market, it is quite difficult by merely relying on its own resources and cooperation with GCL is one of the best choices, the sources pointed out.

Although GCL is frustrated in its plan to invest in Motech, it might be interested in investment in other Taiwan-based solar cell makers such as Gintech Energy, Neo Solar Power, Solartech Energy, DelSolar, E-Ton Solar Tech and Taienergy Tech, the sources noted.

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