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Taiwan-based makers reportedly competing for Toshiba PV module orders

Toshiba has begun to seek makers to outsource PV modules to in 2013 and Taiwan-based Motech Industries and Inventec Energy have been competing for such orders, according to Taiwan-based makers.

Motech produces crystalline silicon solar cells and has a factory for PV modules in Japan, while Inventec Energy is a PV module maker with solar cells supplied by affiliated Inventec Solar Energy. Both Motech and Inventec Energy have not confirmed the reports.

Japan has set high standards for PV products, the sources indicated. For example, for a PV module made of 60 monocrystalline silicon solar cells and that of 60 polycrystalline solar cells, the respective minimum power-generating capacities are 250W, equivalent to an energy conversion rate of 18.2% for solar cells, and that of 235-240W, equivalent to an energy conversion rate of 116.8-17.2%, the sources pointed out. The minimum capacities are likely to be hiked to 255-260W, equivalent to 18.8% in energy conversion for solar cells, and 245W, equivalent to 17.4%, respectively in 2013, the sources indicated.

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